In order for consumers to redeem rewards in your Thanx Ordering frontend integrated with Toast, we need to be able to apply the amount of the discount provided by the reward to the check when the user completes checkout. We do this with a discount created in Toast's system, which will be unique to Thanx and therefore allow for specific reporting on discounts applied.

To create this discount:

  • Visit your Toast dashboard and, on the admin homepage, search for "discounts." You should find it under the Payments section. Select it to see a list of your configured discounts.
  • On the list of all of your discounts, click "add a discount"
  • configure the following on the "new discount" screen:




Thanx Open Fixed Discount


select your restaurant group


select your restaurant group

Discount type

Open $ off

Applies to

Entire check

See example:

  • Be sure to save and publish, and that's it! We'll take care of the rest.
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