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How to refund online orders in Thanx Ordering powered by Toast
How to refund online orders in Thanx Ordering powered by Toast
What steps do you need to take to give your customers a refund for an online order?
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We get it. Things happen. Sometimes you've called to refund a customer for an online order. But where do you start?

Fortunately, Thanx takes care of the heavy lifting for you.

For full refunds

All you need to do is mark an order as voided in the POS. Our system will query Toast for canceled orders for brands using Stripe and automatically remit payment to the user via Stripe. This payment will appear in their account within a few days of a voided order. You should cancel orders even if they've been fulfilled. Voiding orders is the only state Thanx monitors to process refunds.

Note: we look back for orders voided in the past four weeks to issue refunds. For orders canceled beyond that, you'll need to refund in Stripe directly (see below).

For partial refunds

Perhaps you only want to refund a portion of a consumer's total bill.

Brands using Toast Payments can do this directly within the Toast POS.

Brands on Stripe can do this through Stripe's dashboard. Please look at the documentation here on how to accomplish refunds in Stripe.

Note: If a user doesn't receive a payment within a few days of the order being voided, please direct them to, and our team will help resolve the situation!

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