For more information about menus, check out Toast's documentation here

The single most vital part of your Thanx Ordering experience is your food. Thanx automatically syncs with Toast to display your menu items and images straight from Toast's system. This sync occurs on a very frequent basis to ensure that we're always showing the most up to date version of your online ordering menu to your customers.

Apart from regular syncs, Thanx also removes items from your menu in real time when you mark them "out of stock" in Toast. Within seconds after marking an item out of stock, the item will be removed from your online ordering experience. Our system also checks Toast to ensure that all of an order's items are in stock when the order is submitted.

During initial setup, you can distinguish your Thanx Ordering menu for our system to automatically recognize and sync it when you enable the Thanx integration in Toast. Our team can also manually set your menu if you'd rather not rename it.

  • From Toast, navigate to "Edit Menus"

  • Click "Add" to create a new menu

Note: you can also rename an existing menu to "Thanx Online Ordering"

  • Name your new menu "Thanx Online Ordering" and configure it with items that you'd like to sell online.

Note: ensure that both the target and owner are your restaurant group

  • Ensure that the menu is available to "Ordering Partners"

  • Save and publish your new online ordering menu

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