The Thanx Content Management System (CMS) has two primary purposes:

  • Quickly and independently make common promotional changes to your branded app and web ordering experiences.

  • Transparently show what else can be configured by the Thanx team on your behalf (hint: it's the stuff that you'll want to change less frequently).

How to access the Content Management System (CMS):

You can access the Thanx Content Management System CMS) from within your merchant dashboard:

Setup > Brand & Content

What can I edit with the new Content Management System (CMS):

The Thanx Content Management System (CMS) makes it easy to update your mobile app and web ordering experience for the following use cases:

1a) Branded app homepage content blocks

1b) Branded app w/ ordering homepage content blocks

2) Web ordering hero image and message

3) Banner alerts across branded apps and web ordering

Note: Branded apps vs. branded ordering apps:

If you have ordering integrated into your app, then your homepage looks a little different than if you don't. For that reason, what you are able to configure in the CMS varies. For non-ordering apps, navigate to section 1a) for more information. For branded apps with ordering integrated, navigate to section 1b).

#1a. Branded app homepage content blocks:

The branded app homepage is the first page that users land on after opening your mobile app. A carousel of hero images shows up above the rewards banner. Additional images, called content blocks, show up below the rewards banner.

You can edit both of these elements of your app's home page right from within the merchant dashboard. To do so, navigate to:

Setup > Brand & Content > Home Page

As you might imagine, you should navigate to the hero carousel to update the images that show up in the hero carousel as shown below.

To add a new image the first time, simply click "Add Image". The accepted formats and recommended image sizes are noted above each section.

To add additional images, click "Add new slide".

Note: The first time you make changes to your branded app, you will be asked to "Save a draft" so our team can confirm your set-up. In subsequent releases, you will be able to publish these changes independently by clicking "Publish hero carousel" once changes have been made as shown below:

If you wish to change content below the rewards section, navigate to the "Content Blocks" tab.

From here, you can add additional images with links to pages within the app or externally. There is no limit to the number of content blocks that you can add.

You can also add CTAs (buttons) to the bottom of your app homepage.

#1b. Branded app ordering homepage page:

The branded app ordering homepage is the first page that users land on after opening the app. The first image shows up above the rewards banner; all other images show up below the reward banner.

You can edit your app's home page right from within the merchant dashboard.

Setup > Brand & Content > App home page

You can view formatting recommendations for each editable item right from within the merchant dashboard.

Each image can be linked to either external links or pages within the app.

Additional content blocks can be added by clicking the "Add new block" button:

There is no limit to the number of content blocks that can be added to the branded app home page but we recommend keeping the user experience (and their attention span) in mind when configuring your app homepage.

When you are ready to publish your changes, click "Publish home page".

After clicking "Publish home page" you will be given an opportunity to confirm that you are ready to publish changes. Last chance!

Note: there is no way to schedule app changed or preview changes in the future. With that in mind, we recommend making changes during low-traffic times.

The first time you wish to make changes to your app, you will be asked to "Save draft" so that the Thanx team can review it. Subsequent releases can be published to your live environment directly.

#2. Web ordering hero image and message

Your web hero image is what customers see when they land on your web ordering experience. With the Thanx CMS, you can:

  • Update your web ordering brand image

  • Change the text of the message on top of that brand image

We recommend adding a bold, beautiful image to inspire your customers. Photos work better than graphics or logos because this image will scale and crop on different devices.

#3. Banner alerts across branded apps and web ordering

The alert banner is pinned to the top navigation in your app and web ordering experience. It can include an optional CTA.

Important note: If you have ordering enabled, the banner applies to all locations and cannot be customized per location. Some ordering providers may offer location-specific messages. Configuration for those banners should be configured with your ordering provider. Enabling the Thanx banner will override this configuration.

With the alert banner, you have the option to configure the banner color, text, title, and body and add an optional CTA with configuration text. You can also determine whether or not users can dismiss the alert.

Common use cases:

  • Sharing a promotional campaign or discount offer

  • Promoting a new menu item or seasonal addition

  • Announcing a new location opening, brunch service, or extended hours

  • Messaging delivery, curbside service, or contactless dining options

  • Updating guests on safety protocols and other operational changes related to COVID

  • Promoting loyalty program benefits

Key Benefits:

  • Much easier to maintain consistent messaging across all digital channels (email, SMS, social, and now, in-app and on your website).

  • Makes communicating regularly and making changes much faster and easier.

  • Great for communicating last-minute operational changes such as changes related to COVID-19 service and safety protocols.


In addition to allowing brands to rapidly update digital interfaces, the Content Management System also provides a detailed overview of your Thanx-managed brand assets, app-store assets, launch screens, and a whole lot more.

We provide this visibility so you have a better understanding of what is configurable in Thanx and what isn't. Start exploring today!

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