Hidden menus (also known as secret menus) allow brands to reward guests with early or exclusive menu access. Without relying on traditional discount-based rewards that can be expensive and brand eroding, hidden menus incentivize customers to purchase in-store and through direct ordering channels rather than third-party platforms.

You may be familiar with the concept of a secret menu. What you may not know is how Thanx takes that capability further to power sophisticated, targeted marketing for different segments of customers.

With Thanx

  • You can create multiple Hidden Menus. Imagine creating a secret beverage menu while also having a secret breakfast menu.

  • You can limit which segment of customers see your menu. For example, giving only VIPs access to an exclusive item or offering a secret menu for a specific location to test a new item launch.

  • You can restrict how long the menu is available for. A seasonal menu can be available for the month of December only or you can create urgency by having a hidden menu live for only the next 7 days.

  • You can configure Hidden Menus to be redeemed in-store and/or online. With Thanx, you can incentivize customers to order through digital channels by offering a hidden menu for online only.

Use Cases

The applications for this non-discount reward are practically endless. When you give customers exclusive access to Hidden Menus, you can:

Use Case


Create an exclusive item for Loyalty Members to encourage customers to order directly.

Give VIPs early access to new menus (e.g. shop 7 days before anyone else).

Create items that are exclusive to your best customers (e.g. reach gold tier to unlock xyz).

Pilot a menu with your most loyal customers and let their feedback influence what goes on the menu next.

Bring back a classic item for your anniversary.

Bring back a favorite item for a limited time.

Lock in catering pre-orders by giving them a discounted menu 2 months before a big holiday.

Soft launch a new menu or item before rolling it out to everyone.

In the 12 days leading up to Christmas, release limited-edition holiday items.

Re-package existing items into a secret menu.

Limit who gets items that you have a limited quantity of.

Create a hidden menu that’s exclusive to online orders.

Create a hidden menu that’s exclusive to in-store orders.

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