Access Passes allows brands to reward guests with experiences to build a sense of exclusivity. Without relying on traditional discount-based rewards that can be expensive and brand eroding, Access Passes incentivize customers to purchase in-store and through direct ordering channels rather than third-party platforms.

Thanx makes it easy to power sophisticated, targeted experiential marketing for different segments of customers.

With Thanx

  • You can create custom experiences by designing your own reward screen allowing guests to redeem anything you can imagine.

  • You can limit which segment of customers get each experience to create a sense of exclusivity. For example, only VIPs get invited to have dinner with the chef.

  • You can restrict how long the experience is available for making the possibilities of what you can create truly endless. For example:

    • Skip the line for the next 30 days

    • Get one free balloon animal when you buy a family meal

Use Cases

The applications for this non-discount reward are practically endless. When you give customers exclusive access, you can:



Invite customers to a tasting event

Invite to a restaurant week

Link out to a wine club

Invite customers to a yoga + brunch day

Invite customers to a secret menu tasting

Invite customers to an influence mixer

Invite customers to have dinner with the chef

Invite customers to a cooking class

Invite customers to sample a new menu and get feedback

Gift customers an e-book of old recipes so they can continue to enjoy them at home

Ask customers for their address and send them a gift in the mail

Invite customers to a masterclass

Ask customers for their Public Wallet Address and send them an NFT.

Let customers skip the line

Access exclusive parking spots

Access exclusive seating

Let customers upsize their meal

Let customers sample new items

Encourage customers try a side item

Let customers have unlimited toppings

Promote a store opening by giving away limited swag (collect a free tote bag this weekend, limited to the first 50 guests)

BOGO on specific items

Super serve VIPs when they identify as one e.g. free glass of champagne

Give customers exclusive swag (free shirt, sticker, bag, etc.. for loyalty members only)

VIPs show the pass and get super served

Give VIPs access to an exclusive screening

Give select customers free parking

Show this reward on Friday and get a free modifier

Give customers happy hour pricing

Get Started

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